"I was blessed to be brought into this gym by chance, through a close friend. I just fell in love with place... from the tyres to the ropes, chains, bars and everything that my eyes could see and my hands could touch. Above all, it is the people that make me want to train here...
The "NEVER SAY NO" and "Nothing is Impossible" spirit is what I admire. The trainers here care about people's life! They work, not just for a living, but simply because they see a need to be used as a tool (trainer) to help people move, which is what life is all about! Life is Movement!"
Madeleine Png, Fitness Enthusiast


Fitness Personalized For You
Get Access to SECRETS the fitness industry don't want you to know! Burn FATS even when you are sleeping! What 99% of Singaporeans are eating makes you FAT! We share the right intake your body needs without going on a strict DIET! 
Build Muscles, Lose Weight, AND Never Do Tradditional Cardio Again.  Now EVERYONE Can Look Good!
Try Us Out Before You Decide. See Why We Are The Real Deal!
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We believe in SIMPLICITY! Keeping it SIMPLE not only makes it EASY but it makes training FUN and AFFORDABLE! Here at Vanity FXG our motto is to Eat Clean, Train Mean and Look Lean!
  • Eat CLEAN

    Unlike most other gyms, we never encourage skipping meals, crash diets or starving yourself. Instead, we proudly advocate the consumption of a wide variety of nutritious food and will share with you the secrets on eating smart! Eating a balance diet is mandatory to weight loss and we are ready to share the secrets!
  • Train MEAN

    Training is not all about the equipments available at the gym. With a robust understanding of our muscle and body systems, our training, here at VanityFXG, focuses on technique and reaching the fitness goals of our clients the soonest. Our members enjoy our result orientated workout program because its not only fun, it gives them RESULTS! 
  • Look LEAN

    Ask anyone at the gym and they will tell you that this is the ultimate target. We use proven training programs tailored to the individual, to unravel and transform your body in to the envy of your friends and collegues!
    We are motivated by our members transformation. See the many real life testimonials below. "If you don't look good naked, then we go naked!"
  • UP: $550
    NOW: $500

    Each session is 60-90min

    Dedicated Trainer

    Fitness Assessment

    Personalized Training Program

    1 Additional Free Session


  • UP: $800
    NOW: $700

    Cheapest in Singapore!
    Many Feebies & Discounts Included!

    Each session is 60-90min

    Dedicated Trainer

    Fitness Assessment

    Personalized Training Program

    Nutritional Guidance


  • UP: $1800
    NOW: $1300

    Each session is 60-90min

    Dedicated Trainer

    Fitness Assessment

    Personalized Training Program

    Nutritional Guidance

    Recepie Guidance

    4 Additional Free Sessions 




  • 12 Weeks | Gained 10KG Muscle Mass

    ‘‘Would like to take this chance to thank Takeru for my TRANSFORMATION. Without any doubt, BEST TRAINER award goes to him! Cheers! My picture would speak a thousand words!"
    Owen Kho, Interior Architect
  • 6 MONTHS | 2 Dress Size Down

    ‘‘I've been to many gyms before,but none has given me results faster than Vanity FXG. I managed to drop 2 dress sizes training just twice a week. My friends and family are amused! Thank you GUYS!" 
    Jeniffer Lim, Homemaker
  • Dropped 8% Body Fat & 12kg!

    ‘‘The countless days of training day in and day out paid off! Now I’m in the shape shape I have ever been. Many thanks Ben for being an awesome trainer. It was not the heavy weights but the form and posture that mattered. That made a difference and I was able to see results quicker!".
    Martin Cheong, Managing Director, Singapore Linens
  • 3 MONTHS | Shredded 8KG!

    ‘‘Undergoing personal training has made me a more confident personal with higher self-esteem. The training was tough but it gave me the courage to take part in the Spartan Race which was something I could not imagine myself doing before. Thank you, Terrance for being an awesome trainer!".
    Priya, Student in NTU
  • 24 WEEKS | Gained Muscle Mass

    ‘‘Disciple, Commitment, Hardwork and Dedication brought about the biggest changes in my life. I have built a mentality which I can apply to all types of aspect of life. Something I learnt while training from Vanity FXG."
    Muhd Zulkifly, Student in SIM

    ‘‘Discipline you learn in the gym will help you with discipline in school and the workplace. You will learn to love hard work. Success in sports and recreation will translate to success in life. Make the change you want to be. Start now! "
    Takeru Furukawa, VanityFXG Trainer


It doesn't matter how casual your approach to getting in shape is, we are not going to kid you that it doesn’t require discipline. If your friends and colleagues make fun of you when you spend time at the gym while they’re out at the bars, don’t let it bring you down. “Your nights at the gym ain't lonely, they’re fulfilling, with other like-minded individuals chasing their dreams! Hear what our members have to say about us below!

Watch & Experience some of the FUN 
Our MembersGo Through @ VanityFXG

The Vanity Family

We love having fun at the gym! Our members keep coming back everyday just to meet their fellow members and to motivate each other! We have created a condusive environment for everyone to network and learn from each other. Watch our videos to see for youself the amount of fun we have everyday! We love making new friends, Looking real good and snapping real good pictures! So come on down and join our family and start looking good. We make your dreams really affordable and importantly achievable! 
  • Coach Takeru vs Trainee (Boxing)
    Sweating it all out after work!
  • Weekend Group Training
    A series of cardio and strenght workouts!
  • VanityFXG Planking Challenge
    A Daily Inhouse Challenge!
  • ‘‘Before I came to VanityFXG, I felt like I had tried everything and that nothing was going to get rid of those last 8 kgs. I was surprised that it wasn't as difficult to follow the plan as I thought it would be. I loved the flexibility of food choices that was presented to me. The constant motivation from my trainerhelped tremendously! Now that I have reached my goal, I am excited to be back to work to show off.’’
    Melly Cheam
    Operations Director, 
    Singapore Tentage
  • ‘‘I was heavy for most part of my life until a friend who was already having fun in VanityFXG got me involved in their fun activities. I went for a trial session and was amused by my trainers knowledge  on food intake. I was assured for the first time that even I can start looking good and live healthy . All I had to do was spen 15 to 20 minutes a day doing a simple workout designed for my body type! Thank you Terrance for making me believe that I can do it!’’
    Kate K
    HR Manager,
  • ‘‘I am at the Gym almost everyday. I work nearby and I always pass by the gym on the way to work. Looking at the people haveing fun and needing a break from work, I decided to drop by.  I simply walked into the gym and was shocked to understand that the gym membership was unbelievably cheap when you become a member. It was a no brainer. They are sincerely wanting everyone to be fit and I am happy that I found them!"
    F&B Industry
  • ‘‘My husband is always busy with work and never has enough time to spend with me or the kids . This was becoming a big problem for us. Becoming a Vanity FXG couple member was purely a coincidence and the decision was taken impluse. But that has been the best decision my husband has ever taken. We now spend a good 2 hours at the gym at least 3/4 times a week. Result: Weight Loss and more BONDING!’
    Thank you Takeru for everything!
    Shanthi R
    Real Estate Consultant, Propnex Realty
  • ‘‘It still feels strange that my stomach has become flat. 
    I actually miss having to suck it in. My strength has skyrocketed and it's encouraging to see friends complementing me.  At 39 I am back to the weight that I was in my early twenties. I did not cut corners and was strict with my diet, but I did all this using the information provided by my trainer Ben. Thanks Buddy and smile more okay!
    Raama S
  • ‘‘What I like most about the program is how easy it is to follow, it doesn’t burn you out and it doesn’t get boring. I joined Vanity FXG with a group of my friends from work! We train together and motivate each other and with the creative workout plan of our trainer we are always looking forward to coming back soon. By training as a group it becomes more fun and importantly affordable!!!’ Can't wait for their group challenge that's coming real soon.
    Zhi Jia
    Ernst and Young


Whatever your goal is, keep at it until there is nothing to be afraid of. Learn to conquer the fear of the unknown. Ask yourself WHY you need this so much and the all the HOW's will fall in place!. You either try it and see where it goes, or live with the fear and never find out. We are ready to guide you from where you are now to where you want to be! See you on the other side!

Team VanityFXG