We believe in SIMPLICITY! Working Out Becomes EASY, FUN and AFFORDABLE!

Vanity Fitness X Gym (VanityFXG) is co-owned by fitness enthusiasts under “Vanity Fitness”. Our objective is to redefine the fitness industry by shifting from the physical aspect to the mental aspect. Fitness is essentially incorporates a broad definition which is not confined to bodybuilding. Though achieving some level of aesthetics is part of the journey the most crucial part of the transformation is transitioning to become a stronger person and being able to feel good about oneself.

Our goal is too cultivate a lifestyle where individuals are able to grow both mentally and physically from a good community and environment. A place where you won’t feel uncomfortable with whether you are a veteran or a beginner in the gym.Vanity Fitness embraces health, emotional well-being and camaraderie through an active lifestyle. The word “Vanity” encompasses excessive pride in achievement and aesthetics. At Vanity Fitness our focus to engage individuals to take pride in how they feel emotionally through achievements made by constantly helping them to get out of there comfort zone. By doing so, the physically aspect will take form as well with changes with appearance.

Taking ownership of how you want to feel is a choice towards a better life. The media has often dictated the importance of how individuals should look which is essentially not what fitness is all about. Being physically active helps you attain emotional well-being which is our priority at Vanity Fitness. Studies has shown that people who are more active are happy, healthier and more successful.

WHY VanityFXG?

Most APT & Creative

VanityFXG has the most Approachable Physical Trainers (APT) who provide a holistic and customized workout for every individual. Our trainers are very creative in their training styles. Each of them have their own unique style and delivery!

Great Environment

The people at members at VanityFXG are our biggest asset. We have a great bunch of FUN loving people who make coming to GYM a joy!

Super Location

The Gym is well located within the Residential and Commercial belt of District 8 and its 3 minutes walk to the nearest train station!

Great & Secure
Shopping Experience

Apart from our supplements and sport accessories we have a creative designer who works on our personalized apparels. These apparels are of superior quality and design. Check them out!

Affordable Pricing

Finally, we want to keep fitness affordable for everyone! Our rates are very reasonable and comes with many bonus add ons! Come personally and talk to any of our staff and you might get a even better deal!

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What VanityFXG Members Say?

  • Owen Kho, Interior Architect

    When you have a nice body, people start calling you an Athlete.

    ‘‘Would like to take this chance to thank Takeru for my TRANSFORMATION. Without any doubt, BEST TRAINER award goes to him! Cheers! My picture would speak a thousand words!"
  • Priya, Student in NTU


    ‘‘Undergoing personal training has made me a more confident personal with higher self-esteem. The training was tough but it gave me the courage to take part in the Spartan Race which was something I could not imagine myself doing before. Thank you, Terrance for being an awesome trainer!".
  • Zhi Jia, Auditor in Ernst & Young


    What I like most about the program is how easy it is to follow, it doesn’t burn you out and it doesn’t get boring. I joined Vanity FXG with a group of my friends from work! We train together and motivate each other and with the creative workout plan of our trainer we are always looking forward to coming back soon. By training as a group it becomes more fun and importantly affordable!!!’ Can't wait for their group challenge that's coming real soon.
  • Muhd Zulkifly, Student in SIM

    I have become Unbreakable and Unstoppable

    ‘‘Disciple, Commitment, Hardwork and Dedication brought about the biggest changes in my life. I have built a mentality which I can apply to all types of aspect of life. Something I learnt while training from Vanity FXG."
  • Madeleine Png, Fitness Enthusiast



    The "NEVER SAY NO" and "Nothing is Impossible" spirit is what I admire. The trainers here care about people's life! They work, not just for a living, but simply because they see a need to be used as a tool (trainer) to help people move, which is what life is all about! Life is Movement!"



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