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29 October 2016
Time: 6pm-1am
Venue: Upper & Bridge Decks

Following a tragic incident in the early 1800’s where everyone on board had mysteriously died, the Riverboat was left to drift in the wildest of oceans with bodies sprawled everywhere, half-eaten food left on the dining tables, and the captain’s pet parrot still crooning her lonesome tune day and night. 

Two centuries later, just as mysteriously as the passengers had died, strange new life began to form out of the remains of the deceased. A somewhat different kind of life. A somehow better kind of life. Dry bones began to rattle, souls were awakened from their slumber, and bellows of laughter could be heard echoing through the hallways as one by one the ancient voyagers discovered they now had the power to be anything they wanted to be!

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Some became bloodthirsty beasts, others became rowdy revelers and wicked witches, and still others became affectionate angels embracing everything that moves. But most of all, in this community, no one judged each other and everyone stood united under the leadership of Captain Furukawa. This, is Ghost Ship 1017.

HUMAN HUNTDOWN RUN (Marina South Foreshore)

“O horror horror!” came the distressed voice of Captain Furukawa over the PA system during dinner one night, “Security has been compromised! Sources tell us that one of us on board is actually a traitor, an undercover human being, out to destroy Ghost Ship 1017 and its way of life!”

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Captain Furukawa declares a state of emergency on board, and everyone springs into action. Just as the clock strikes 7, ghosts and ghouls, devils and demons and all kinds of creatures muster themselves and set out to pursue the infiltrator, who reportedly fled to the land of humans. Risking life and limb, they disembark and follow a series of clues which lead them to the suspect, whom they also need to overpower and deliver bound to Witch Wong, who knows just what to do with him.

BUFFET DINNER (All-You-Dare-Eat)

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Ah, the alluring aromas of rats roasting over an open flame, the scandalous scents of snakes being stewed in bat’s blood, and an interactive cookout station where eyes of owls are dug out and sliced into sashimi right before your very own eyes. Move over, Chef Ramsay. This is the true Hell’s Kitchen, serving you 6-10pm!

GHOST PARTY (with DJ Madjester)

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On board Ghost Ship 1017, it’s a wild, wild party every night. From 9pm till late, get your body moving to the beats of DJ Madjester (Hip Hop/R&B/EDM) spinning on the top deck, and indulge the ‘jiu-gui’ within you with a range of beers, booze, and blood samples at the bar. Stay entertained throughout the night with scream chambers, scare challenges and other fringe activities scattered around the deck! Party like there’s no tomorrow!

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Purchase your tickets online and receive a special goodie bag, while stocks last! The first two ticket options also come with 2 FREE DRINKS and free flow bar snacks all night.

Full Event Access (6pm-1am): $60

DJ Party Only (9pm-1am): $40

Run + Dinner Only (6-10pm): $40


31 Marina Coastal Drive, Berth 1 Marina South Pier, Singapore 018988
Oct 29 (Sat) – Oct 30, 2016 (Sun) | 2 days

For further enquiries, please call Daryl at 62785775 or email See you on board!


Do I need to dress up in a Halloween costume?
Yes, you do! And if you don’t look scary enough, you will be ushered to our Makeover Room where our beauticians can assist you with costumes, props and body paint. Anyone who wants to ‘upgrade’ their costume is welcome to use our Makeover Room as well.

Is there a minimum age to attend this event?
No, there is no minimum age requirement, but guests under 18 will not be allowed to consume alcohol, and guests under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

If I buy the ‘Full Event’ ticket, do I have to participate in the run?
Everyone is strongly encouraged to participate in all activities, to make the most of your event experience. However, if you have health issues or are just plain lazy, you may choose to remain on the ship and eat, and eat, and eat.

This event is brought to you by AY Events & Lifestyle, in partnership with Vanity FitnessXGym.

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