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Our personal trainers are dedicated individuals that come from diverse backgrounds and have different specialisation. Our trainers train with the objective of helping you to know that you are much more than you are capable by consistently helping you get out of your comfort zone. Each barrier you break through will be a testament to that. We have different trainers which will have the necessary expertise to assist unique individuals with different fitness goals.

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Terrence Lim

Personal Trainer

Terrence is a highly experienced personal trainer and has been in the fitness industry for quite a while now. He is very energetic and fun oriented. If you want to see quick results and have fun at the same time, then Terrence will be your ideal trainer. His training methods are meticulously planned. Get your friend and colleagues down to VanityFXG and see what Terrence has in store for you guys!


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Takeru Furukawa

Body Sculptor & Muscle Mass Guru

Takeru is a patient and soft spoken coach. He feeds you ample information during every workouts to value add to your training. He patiently explains every muscle group and how they work in a story form so that everyone can understand their body better. He also gives his trainees “The Tak Recepie” so that they can enjoy simple yet health meals anywhere, anytime!


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Menty Zee

Cross Fitness Trainer

Menty is an ideal choice for those seeking customized training. She is able to identify what would work on an individual before pushing them to do it. Her methods are focused on form and posture. In order to have a great time in the gym or during workouts one needs to be injury free and that’s what Menty is all about!


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We are constantly looking out for talented individuals who can value add to our members. We you feel you have something unique to offer our members, we are willing to listen to you. We want to have a wide array of fitness buffet spread for our members to choose from so drop by our office and let’s have a chat! Alternatively, you can express your interest below!

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